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"323i" VM. 1982
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The history of the car is complicated, but I tell you the short version. Nowdays I have made an emotional band to the car, so I have no thoughts about selling the car.

The orginal BMW 316 was found in 1996 from a company which sells cars from insurance company (wrecked, stolen, etc). My car had been break into, and several parts had been stolen from engine and interior. The reason why this car was bought was the condition of body. There was no rust at all and it had low kilometers.

Because it was supposed to be my mothers car, engine had to be something else than ordinary 4-cylinder M10B18 :) "New" engine and technique was found from Sweden - orginal BMW 323i -81. This cars exterior was in bad shape, but it had rare differential lock and low kilometers.

So the car arriwed from Sweden to Finland, and engine and the whole technique was swapped to 316. At the same time all bad parts were replased new with new ones.


Car was made road legal by performing a inspection where the car is checked. Car worked fine as such in my mothers use years 1996 - 2001. In year 2001 when I got my driving licence, I started use the car. It worked fine about one year when I bought my first own car (Ford Fiesta). And because of that - the BMW was left alone for two years.


In year 2004 the car was taken to my use again: Brakes were repaired, few rust places were taken car of and the car was lowered with INRAX (-40mm) springs. For the first time ever, car felt very good to drive - so the summer of 2004 was very nice! I also met guys from BTCF (Bimmer Tuning Club of Finland). However the engine of the car needed some repairing, because there was coming blue smoke from the exhaust pipe, and valves sounded terrible.. Therefore it was again left alone in summer 2004.


In year 2005 I bought the car from my parents and started buiding a new turbocharged engine to the car.

2002tii block: 4 new 0,5mm oversized MAHLE pistons, balanced and polished crankshaft, new bearings, steel flywheel, etc

Garrett TO3/4 hybride exhaust gas turbocharger with wastegate.

BMW E30 1.8i -88 ported cylinder head.

Megasquirt & Spark engine control unit with FORD EDIS4 direct spark.

390cm3/3bar Bosch injectors.

Clutch disc SAFFA: M3 sinter clutch plate
Clutch diaphram: SAFFA M3, which is about 30% stif than the original. Ø 228mm.

M10 turbo exhaust manifold.

M10 E21 5-speed gearbox.

Elring head gasket.


But when the engine was ready for first start, I wanted to sell it in the end of 2005. Main reasons: Car have to be trustable and it would be in everyday use.. BMW engine with aftermarket turbo and Megasquirt&Spark wouldn´t be that.

That was the start for building and tweaking a naturally aspirated M20 engine. More you can read from technics - section.