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"323i" VM. 1982
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Car got Sparco Corsa seats and Sparco Clubman 3-point belts. Besides using the car as a "dailydriver" in Finland, we visited also in Estonia and Sweden.


A "promotional" video of my car: Click here! (Save as..)

Biggest changes: Yellow headlights, orginal blinkers, BBS RA 15" rims, bootspoiler removed, 323i badge changed to 316 :)

Interior: Added Alpina steeringwheel, VDO oilpressure & oiltemperature gauges and FMI fuel/air ratio gauge.



My car is built totally with own fiilings and affection, but if I would have to say some theme, it would be: Oldschool and golden 80´s.

I have tried to keep the extrerior "oldschool" - building the car with "old" parts. Meaning that I wouldn´t install any bling bling rims or glass fibre bumpers. However I have installed 8000K Xenon lights for fresh look, 15" rims and Kamei spoiler in top of boot.

Interior modifications: E21 323i instrument cluster panel, orginal sport steering wheel, FMI air/fuel gauge, VDO oil pressure gauge, vacuum gauge for K-jetronic, car radio with CD/MP3, aftermarket speakers in front and back.

Some video captured in June 2007: Video (For watchin the video you need new DIVX codec from: www.divx.com)